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“An excellent program of self-care – gentle yet powerful.”

Glenice Hall, physiotherapist and Feldenkrais practitioner

“This book is not about pathology, but about discovery, movement and functioning from a positive perspective, including a sex-positive perspective.”

From the foreword by Dr Linda Kirkman, sexologist and psychosexual therapist

“I now have a whole new relationship with my pelvis! Thank you, Ralph.”

‘Denise’, pelvis workshop participant

“These lessons are really enjoyable… and I’m noticing a change in my body’s holding pattern… what a lovely organic change process.”

Jo Watson midwife, somatic therapist

“I’m sleeping better. And when I meditate I find myself going to a deeper level.”

Eileen Hanrahan PhD, lecturer, after class lesson and one-to-one session

“I walked around all day today feeling lighter in my movements, had energy that I have no idea where it came from & felt really good within myself.”

‘Alex’, 43, after his first class with Ralph.

“I was pain free all day, the first time for ages.”

‘Chris’, 58, after her first class with Ralph.

“I really appreciated your sensitive facilitation on Saturday, it was a very replenishing session.”

Jessica Connor-Kennedy, business consultant and Aikido practitioner, after Pelvis workshop with Ralph

“I found the material very rich, nurturing and enjoyable.”

Kim McCristell, nurse, nurse educator and Feldenkrais practitioner after Pelvis workshop with Ralph.