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Mind-body exercises for healing, vitality, sensuality and sexual wellbeing

The book contains a thorough training program for your pelvis, pelvic floor and whole self. A movement lesson each day, guiding you step by step through exploring, mobilising and training your neuromuscular system to optimise your health, pleasure, power and grace.

  • 14 movement lessons. 20-30 minutes each
  • Clear written instructions with explanatory illustrations
  • Or follow Ralph’s spoken instructions for the lessons on the accompanying videos (the book gives access to the videos)
  • Supplementary information on the anatomy and biomechanics of your muscles, bones, connective tissues and nervous system
  • Guidance on responses to the lessons (what you may be feeling during or after)- physical, emotional and sexual
  • Deepen your exploration by drawing pictures or journaling after each lesson
  • Paperback, 160 pages, printed on recycled paper, Busybird Publishing, 2023
  • Available as a printed book or e-book
“These lessons are really enjoyable… and I’m noticing a change in my body’s holding pattern… what a lovely organic change process.”.
Jo Watson
Midwife, Somatic therapist