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5 Reasons to buy Your 14 Day Pelvis Program

  • Healing, soothing, repair and recovery from the effects of injury, trauma, ageing, pregnancy and birth, self-shaming and negative self-image
  • A safe, gentle support or complement to medical treatment, psychotherapy, counselling and physical rehabilitation
  • Freeing your movement and self-expression for a more vital, pleasured, joyful self
  • Develop improved balance, coordination and performance in the things you love to do
  • Enhance easy, flowing, harmonious cooperation in the actions of your pelvis, pelvic floor, hips, legs, spine, breathing and whole self.

5 People who could benefit immensely from the 14 Day Pelvis Program

  • The performer, amateur or elite- martial artist, sports player, athlete, dancer or musician: improve your coordination of effective action around your core so you move with strength, timing and skill
  • The convalescent– post-operative/illness/injury patient: gently, safely regain comfort in moving, allowing healing and repair while progressively regaining abilities
  • The birth mother: pregnancy, birth and the months, years after. Maintain and recover pelvic floor health and support pelvic, low back and overall strength, stability and mobility
  • The practitioner or teacher– health/somatics/bodywork: massage, yoga, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, Pilates, Alexander technique, Feldenkrais, midwife- enrich your work and assist your clients to heal and grow
  • The lover: enhance pleasure, comfort, strength and silky flow of movement in your pelvis, pelvic floor and surrounds. Improve communication, understanding and your sensing of the exchange of pleasure and sensuality between you and your partner.


Transform yourself in just 14 days, 20-30 minutes each day.

“I was pain free all day, the first time for ages"
58, After her first class with Ralph.